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What inspired the title and character, Mirov?

The title Mirov comes from the Russian word for worlds. It is also a Russian surname. 


In my research a long time ago, I found the poem Sredi Mirov by Innokenty Annensky. I loved it and was deeply inspired by its sense of longing.

My favorite translation is this:

Amongst the world, amid glimmers shown,

A single star whose name I repeat....

Not because I loved her,

But because I am weary of the rest.


And if I find doubt a burden,

I seek only from her an answer,

Not because she shines brightly

But because with her no light is needed.

I like the sleekness of the title, the sharp edges of the V, and the two quick syllables. I'm introducing English-speaking audiences to a new word and a new world at the same time.

The character of Anastasia Mirov was primarily inspired by a combination of female protagonists. Sarah Conner, Ripley, and Beatrix (The Bride) from Kill Bill.  But the single biggest influence from a female hero is from the film Smilla's Sense of Snow.

Julia Ormond is incredible in that film, and her work in it is criminally under-appreciated.  I have been very open about her work's influence on Mirov, and she is the primary influence on my creation. It is specifically what Ormond does in that role that I found fascinating. The boiling inner rage is of particular obsession to me.

I will be doing more content about the creation of Mirov as time progresses.


David C. Hoke

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