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Mirov FAQ

  • Q - Is that Kate Beckinsale on the book cover?

  • No, that is not Kate Beckinsale on the cover. I think she is amazing, and I love her as much as anyone, but that's not her. I didn't model Anastasia Mirov after Kate's look nor use her as inspiration. See more here:

  • Q - Shouldn't Mirova be her surname instead of Mirov since Mirova is the correct female-gendered variant of the name?

  • No. Her last name is Mirov, in the Americanized version of the name. This is clear in the book. Just search for women with the last name Mirov, and there are tons out there. This is not an error or an oversight but an intentional use of the surname.

  • Q - The Tom Cruise Comments

  • I have no clue what the fuck they are talking about. Do they think the book cover image looks like a female Tom Cruise? I ain't got a fucking clue.

  • Q - You are a "simp, boomer" for using "tired girl boss tropes." And "another Female Lead? It’s overdone."

  • Well, I'm Gen X, so you can get fucked with that boomer shit. As for the "girl boss" fears, part of me doesn't want to respond, but as an attempt to win over hearts and minds, see this:​

  • Q - Any plans for a movie?

  • I would LOVE to make Mirov into an epic film or streaming series. I did some things within the novel to increase its adaptability for when the time comes. Making it into a film is my dream, but there is nothing on the horizon to get it on film yet.

  • Q - Is that Lara Croft on the cover?

  • I love Lara. I played the OG on PS1. I saw all the movies in theaters. I loved both Jolie and Vikander. I did NOT pattern anything about Mirov after Lara Croft. Not the look, not the image, nothing. I'm a fan, but no.

  • Q - Was Mirov self-published?

  • Yes. I had no desire to ask a publishing house for permission to be an artist. I didn't even try to get a publishing deal. Amazon KDP is a godsend for artists. I was mentored by a traditionally published author and she also served as my editor. Her resume is impeccable.​

I will add to the FAQ as new questions arise.

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