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David C. Hoke
Author. Marketing Expert. Media Junkie.

David C. Hoke

I have been a creative professional since 2009. When I was a kid, I drew stories. Then I taught myself to write screenplays. Then, I entered the indie film world. All the while, we created a successful marketing agency. Now, I am embracing becoming a novelist. 

My passion is storytelling. No matter the medium, I want to tell a good story.

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The first novel to come from the mind of David C. Hoke. A sci-fi action story that escalates the stakes and dangers with each passing chapter.

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Mirov, the new book from David C. Hoke. Available now on Amazon.

This man and his creative innovative heart inspire me in so many ways. His business partners are amazing and quality is never something you have to worry about. His dedication and loyalty in every area of his expertise will bring you the results you want and need to succeed in any endeavor of your choosing. Truly a masterpiece of an individual!

-Crystal Z.

What Others Have Said

Chris is the BEST! He is so fun that he makes working easy and enjoyable! No one knows Social Media presence like Chris. Not only is he a master at what he does but he takes the time to understand the needs of your business. He is very imaginative and creative with videos, they are fun and absolute attention grabbers! We love working with Chris!

-Laurie T.

Chris does a great job of concicely describing both his characters and scenes in such a way that makes his stories flow for a director or producer to easily envision these scenes playing out in the movie theater in their heads. He keeps the story moving along all the while keeping your intrigued in both the characters and the challenges they are facing.

-Brad H.



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