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I did a lot of indie films. Here are some of them for you to enjoy.



Indie movie we did in 2012. Little to no budget. Volunteer cast and crew. Lots of passion and long days to pull it off. Had success on Amazon Prime.  This was my first major project as primary writer and content creator. 

A Thought Unchained


This had a crew of 2--with a day here and there where we had some help--and zero budget. A passion project. Everyone gave it their all.  This one had some success on Amazon Prime as well.

A Killing


Yet another passion project with a bare bones crew and no budget. It was originally a feature length script and then we cut it down to an hour short then we cut it down again to fit under festival time frames for shorts.  No budget and passion project. This one had the best viewer reviews of all of the ones we pulled off.

Cowboy & Lucky


This was Chris Cox and Russell Clay's baby, I just came along and they let me play in their playground. Most fun shooting was shooting these. Fun to write. Passion project just like they all are.  Another writer wrote the first feature and webseries (not linked here) but these are the ones I wrote, sometimes directed, sometimes edited.  If you worked with us, you pretty much did everything. 

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