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Is Mirov "woke"?

First, let's define the word "woke."

"Woke" is defined as "politically liberal or progressive (as in matters of racial and social justice) especially in a way that is considered unreasonable or extreme." (*Merriam-Webster)

Is Mirov "woke?" Short answer...NO! Let me be clear. FUCK NO!

I, David C. Hoke, am more of a political centrist and a pretty typical Texan. My editor is an ex-Marine. We've been called many things, but "woke" isn't one of them. 

The story's hero is a female, and she is a badass for reasons made clear in the story's unfolding. I won't spoil my book, so you'll have to read it for the answers. I wanted to have a new heroine in the spirit of The Terminator's Sarah Connor, Alien's Ripley, and Kill Bill's Beatrix. There have been many other female heroes, but I wanted one specifically in the mold of my personal favorite Holy Trinity of Female Protagonists.

(Here is more on Mirov's character

In writing Mirov, I was conscious that I wanted to avoid any agenda. I didn't feel any reason to subtly or overtly support any particular political, religious, gender, or social cause, so I didn't try to implement one. 

There are themes of political and civil unrest along with governmental tyranny, but they are dealt with more as a backdrop to the story than as the story itself. Besides, freedom is a pretty fundamental theme in any storytelling. The pursuit of freedom is present, but it's handled universally.

There is one deeply rooted philosophical question buried in Mirov, but it's only relevant to me, so I doubt anyone will ever find it. Even if they did, I would assume it would be more of a novelty and not something to cause any controversy at all.

(If you look through my blogs, I wrote some essays about the themes I was toying with, but those won't be what I'm referring to here.)

In the final analysis, I wanted to make a new, great action franchise in the spirit of the ones I love the most. I don't care about other people's political, religious, or social opinions, and I wrote Mirov to be accessible to anyone.

David C. Hoke

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