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The New Book from David C. Hoke

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Mirov, the new novel from David C. Hoke. Available on Amazon.

”Put the spirit of your favorite pop culture franchises into a blender (Robocop, Die Hard, Aliens, The Hunger Games, Captain America, Mission: Impossible), drop in a ton of adrenaline, set them in the near, yet alternate, future and you will start to get an idea of what you can expect in the rousing, thrill-ride, white knuckle action epic, MIROV.”

~ Celeste Prater
Author of the Award-Winning VISITING DARKNESS

What's It About?

Devised to defend humanity from alien threat, Unidom’s absolute control reaches every settlement and space station. Mirov, an assassin built to impose Unidom’s willingness to kill until their side wins, is betrayed when Unidom takes away something more important than life itself. Hell hath no fury like Mirov scorned. In retribution for the chaos and quick deaths heaped upon their heads, Unidom exiles Mirov to another world and is forced to leave everything on Earth behind.

Disgusted with Unidom’s increasing and unfair control over the normal citizens, colony rebels challenge the government behemoth at every turn. However, the inevitable war with the aliens threatens everyone. Soon, Mirov is caught between the crossfire of all three forces. When each side tries to gain control over what Mirov cherishes so dearly, a fierce battle is set into motion and endangers everyone and everything in its path.

In this violent, brutal world, who will go the farthest to get what they want?

Mirov novel

David C. Hoke's first novel is Mirov, but he's no newcomer to the world of writing and creating. Based out of Central Texas, he's spent time in the Texas indie film scene as well as spending many years in marketing. The Mirov novel has been a story he's wanted to tell for at least 25 years, and it's finally here!

We are pleased to announce Mirov is a winner at The BookFest Fall 2023 Awards for the Fiction - Action & Adventure category. A big thank you to all of you who've supported and continue to support Mirov. We wouldn't be here without you! - David C. Hoke

Mirov Novel

Mirov, the new award-winning novel by David C. Hoke

Reviews of Mirov

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