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The Rubarian Timeline

The following is a list of important events leading up to the beginning of the novel, Mirov.

The Rubarian Timeline: An introduction to the Timeline of the Rubarian Age

  • The ability to perform artificial atmospheric transformation (making atmospheres suitable for humans) was discovered.

  • Atmospheric transformation was begun successfully on Mars.

  • Mars colonization by humans commenced in earnest, leading to eventually millions of people living on Mars. Mars has been inhabited for over a century.

  • In a new and unparalleled space race, the first deep-space cruisers initiated exploring the farther reaches of the solar system with increasingly larger crews.

  • China developed the first deep-space station, allowing city-sized populations to colonize space as opposed to the smaller cruisers.

  • Other nations soon followed suit, and dozens of deep space stations scattered across the universe.

  • The Space Cruiser Charlemagne suffered an attack by an alien vessel without provocation. 8000+ lives were lost.

  • The attacking aliens were named the Rubary (roo-bar-e), taken from the surname of the astronomer who was able to track them to their home planet successfully.

  • The world united in an uproar. The Emirates Accords were signed, merging all space exploration, discovery, colonization, and defense into one global entity: the creation of Unidom.

  • Unidom created a complete defensive and intelligence apparatus (the DOI) that crossed all boundaries and maintained its own unique sovereignty. The space stations and Mars were placed under Unidom jurisdiction.

  • Space exploration via cruisers and space stations began to boom in the hunt for extraterrestrial life.

  • Mars and the stations have now been around long enough to have multiple generations born aboard them. Many human beings have never been to Earth.

  • Mars colonization boomed as resources became more attainable with improved living conditions. Mining Mars' natural resources became the next major economic boom.

  • Mars and the space stations demand more and more self-governance and reduced oversight from Unidom. Small insurrections and rebellions rise and fall across the entire system.

  • Growing unrest fueled by conspiracy theory, social media, and here-say has begun to create small pockets of distrust of Unidom, space colonization, and alien exploration.

  • The Unidom Towers were erected in Houston, a unifying symbol of universal order and control.

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